(Updated 10-Nov) Pi-Drive "Pisces" computer: 1TB Raspberry-Pi Linux PC/appliance...... without the hacker mess!

by dwcsjca Sep 1, 2015
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Most hateful thing I've tried to print. Don't try to use ABS

Great Design! What I am really missing is holes for (maybe hacker-style) screws or the like. If you move around the whole "box" it is very helpful when something keeps everything in place.

can you make a model for raspberry pi 3?

Really like this, just what I need. Will upload pictures when I have finished my print!

So did WD commission your design, or did you copy WD's design? Very cool if they took your idea to a commercial product!

Very nice.
i see your still perfecting the design.
The 1TB hard drive is the icing on the cake,keep on innovating.

It would be nice if this could be modified to fit in a 6" cube - could then print it on a printrbot simple metal.

Thanks a lot! That made my day :)

No problem.

You have created something unique and inspiring.
Every raspberry pi box is always just that (A box)
All your downloads speak for themselves.
People like it even if they dont leave a comment.

keep up you great work.

Keep thinking outside that box.

Hi technomastermind, thanks a lot for your kind words and encouragement! Really appreciate you making the effort to provide feedback!

Very refreshing,ts great to see someone thinking outside the typical raspberry pi box.
keep up the good work.