Lego Duplo marble run set

by thecrash74 Sep 1, 2015
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the piece is very big and it does not fit me with the LEGO

Hi jorge_0505
the piece si perfect fit but for Lego Duplo

Hi, I tried to print the Duplo blocs, but If you look closely at the wall, there is a slight irregularity. This is exactly where we start to have the filling part. And this is exactly where there is the place to put 3 walls. Would having all 3 walls be the problem? because there are some from this level 3 to 2. or would the problem be? probably a Multiplier problem?

I saw the photos of the block and it seems to me printed very well let me understand better where the problem is.

look at this picture. I show with the arrows where there is a difference. the wall seems thicker at the top than at the bottom. and I thought it was because at the top there are 3 layers for the wall and 2 at the bottom.

Hi Esmax666
could be the overlapping percentage of the fill on the inner wall

Ok i see!
I don't know why!
I think you don't see in may block just because I used a dark color

I tested the tunnel - the print and the fit to the duplo blocks are very good. But I noticed only now, that the tunnel on a different height compared to the blocks from hubelino. Was this intentional? I only knew the hubolino before and never thought about, if there are any others present.

(layer heigth 0.2mm, no support, 0.8 wall strenght and 20% infill was fine)

On my makerbot mini + I print these on 0.1mm and 5% infil and only 1 shell

Hi, can you post a picture?
I'd like to take a look

Do you know about http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:159219 ?
I assume this is a coincidence.
You've had some similar ideas but also some new ones which I like.

Best regards,

Duplo compatible marble run system
LEGO marble run (chapter 1)
LEGO marble run (chapter 2)
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This looks like a brilliant idea! I am printing it right now. One thing I noticed is that you have planar faces in the model on the bottom side. If you change those planar faces to 45° angles, it would be possible to print it without support material, which would make those parts perfect!
In most parts you should have enough space for those "roofs".

Hi neViamVZ,
I have printed every part of the set without support material, but using Cura plugin named "Tweak at Z" and increasing the maximum cooling.
This trick allowed me to print without supporting material. Try yourself and give me a feedback ;-)

Well, apparently Cura itself is rather smart, so the difference between the tweak and no tweak wasn't great. Printing without support is "ok" but not having the problem at all would be better :)

From what I've seen, you did a good job!
But I do not understand what you mean by "but not having the problem at all would be better :)"

What I mean is that for surface that are vertical or less than 45° inclined, you don't have to take care of anything. With horizontal surfaces you either need to have support structures, or hope that it "somehow" works...

you are right :-|