Arduino Uno Snug Case

by Esquilo Sep 2, 2015
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You should design a base with pegs that'll hold the board in place without requiring screws! just an afterthought!

How tall are the Bivar PLP2-250 tubes you need for the LEDs?

Thanks for making this and posting it for everyone. Nice job! Appreciate your efforts

This is a great design! I had no issues. I 3D Printed it in ABS. Thanks for posting

Great design, but it's a one-way ticket. Once it closed, it's not possible to open it again without loosing one of the four spikes holding the top cover. If you can live with that, you get one of the best cases I've seen so far!

Great design! Thanks for this.

Hy, i would like to make this case combined with a rail mount. Can you upload a .step file or something like that, please?

Very nice housing for Arduino, the only drawback is that you cannot see pin labels anymore. So I created a printable template with pin labels. Just print it (at real size), cut parts you want (there are different styles) and glue them on top cover. There are also pin labels thar you can glue on the edge of the housing

Thank you very much for this !

Tried to print on my XYZ DaVinci 1.0, and Simplify 3D, When after I import ether the top or bottom into Simplify 3D everything looks good, I then sent to the printer again everything looks good. When printer starts everything goes good, print bed move to proper position print head move to print start position, then everything just stops, have tried a couple of time with same results, any thoughts.

Thank so much. This is a great design.

Nevertheless I'm having some difficulties getting a robust print.

This probably happens because of my printing settings/filament but, in the other hand, walls are a bit thin specially between USB and power connector so any adhesion problem shows. I even tried with 100% infill.

Hey Esquilo, really nice contribution.

If you don't have the right screws handy a dab of glue (I used a glue gun) around each hole is enough to hold the board in place.

Excellent work! When something is done this well, simple, functional, and clean I consider it a work of art.

Thank you!

what are the three leds?

What did you use for the LED's? Fiber optic plastic?

Comments deleted.

Did you model the arduino, or did you download it? Any chance you can provide the file or download link?

Printed real nice... Fits the Uno so nice you don't even need screws for it.. I love this case and will print more.. Thanks Esquilo for sharing your awesome design....

how do you take the case back apart once you snap them together?

Hi. any trick for the reset button?


WOAH , thank you very much sir. This is what I need :D. Printing right now!

Will this fit the Arduino Uno R3?

Yes, the Uno R3 is what is in the photos.

Excellent design.... So many thanks for sharing it.

Where can you source the screws needed for this case? I can't find anything quite right?

The STL for the top is oriented with the clips facing down. Is that how you intended for that to print or should it be rotated 180degrees?

The top piece should be flipped over and printed with the top side down.

What shield do you have on it in the pictures?

I really like this but you could have a different way to snap in the tabs on mine broke off. They aren't solid enough.

I printed this on my ctc, and it came out very nice, except that it was 1mm too tight. In replicatorG I can't scale up by 1.009, so tried to scale to 1.01, it then came out too big to line up.Any suggestions?

This thing is an amazing Uno case. It is 10000 times better than anything else I could find. We really need on for the Mega 2560! Pretty please! I couldn't find a case anything close to this level of quality for the Mega :(

Very nice thank you so much !