10 way liquid dispenser

by Nagalfar Jun 6, 2013
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so printed this but the little funnel thing in the center falls right out. is that the way its supposed to be.

amigo sera que me puedes ayudar xq no se puede modificar el archivo te lo agradeceria si me pudieras ayudar

Am I wrong or this model in .stl doesnt look like it will work ? This round part on top where u pour water is closed. Please help me out as I wanna print it 100%.

I too am confused, so I printed a small scale one. The fluid just sits in the round part on the top since it is closed. Maybe that is a reservoir and you are supposed to keep pouring so that the liquid goes over the side? A video would be nice.

Anyway someone could post the OpenSCAD code for the part that goes around the outside and the liquid comes out of? I'm having issues designing it. Thanks

You should make a simple rack to go with it as well. Not shot glass specific, but looks like the glasses need to be a specific width at the top and maybe the rack line up with the pour spouts. Might make for easier use. Just a thought.

Can someone help... I have been printing this for 3.45 hours. Then a message popped up saying the print has failed. Is there any way of resuming the print from the point it failed?

No, it probably failed due to a corruption in the file, so resuming from that file would cause the same result. You're better off exporting it again and starting over.

gee willickers Batman! perfect for new years!

What about some V shaped slats that could be slid in to the top and block the spouts? You could have any configuration you wanted at that point.

I was thinking the same thing.

Is there a way to make the base hollow or like a cylinder to speed up printing?

Print it with 0 infill, 3 skins.

Been printing for 16 hours now and its at 50%. I guess I set the quality a bit too high! LOL

For those asking if its food safe just make sure you use a strong alcohol all the time and you will be safe from bacteria :P

if printed with PLA. Doesnt boiling hot Tea melt it down?

No, especially if you print it with a higher number of skins.

That's not entirely true. It will soften the PLA substantially, as PLA becomes soft at ~55°C

Absolutely, but soften isn't the same as melt.

I've been attempting to make something like this for a few hours now and can't quite get it patterned like you have. Do you have the CAD for this? If so would you be willing to post it?

Make this stackable to create a massive cascading fountain ;-)

is this really food safe?

PLA as far as I know is food safe (it's made out of food after all) and can even be eaten and digested. However the way it is processed in 3D printing isn't specifically certified, but I'm not worried about that really. The only thing I'm concerned is that printed parts have a very rought surface, bacteria breeding grounds like on a very used cutting board. However you cut raw meat on the last and properl cleaned it isn't unsafe either.

uncolored PLA is generally considered food safe. If you have any kind of colored PLA, you'd need to consult with the place that added the dye.

Just curious - how fair is it? I mean, does it fill the glasses equally quickly?

There is a little pit in the middle, and the idea is, that the water preassure alone splits the water into equal parts. First prototypes without that were always influenced by the direction the water was poured in, but this way the water is split rather equally, as long as your table is level and you don't slop too much. I upload 2 more pics showing this.

Cool feature, nice that you thought that through!

Is this feature already available with the current version?