Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Halo 4 Needler prop weapon with .SLT files

by EthanNewhouse Sep 3, 2015
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In the middle of printing this and planning assembly. I noticed in the construction video you had the LEDs in the needles mounted in some type of holder. Is that posted somewhere?

I printed all my pieces out on a makerbot replicator 5 at 100% scale. All pieces printed excellent! I have yet to build it because I'm waiting on the electronics to arrive as well as some resin for the needles as I only printed one and then made a mold of it to make more out of pink clear resin, I love this model so much! It is missing in my opinion 3 details. The back where the batteries go is not accurate to the game and there needs to be 2 more of those symbols found where the needles go in the back by the battery compartment. As well as the wrist rest pad is missing detail. Overall though WOW!!! I could not have designed this model myself. Excellent work I will have photos and a possible video of the needler as I hope to have the trigger play sounds from the game! Great work! If you plan on adding those details in the future I'd love to see it!

What infill % did you use?

25% for all body pieces, and 100% for needles and LED holders.

Thank you. Will be building one a soon as i finish my home built cr-10 copy :)

Printed this but there is something wrong with the scale. it looks like it was shrunk after the designer printed it. The problem that I am having is that none of the LED's fit. I got the parts from the links so I know I have the correct ones but pink t10 ones the sockets don't fit the holes and on the blue t5 don't fit inside the let holders.

This makes it almost impossible to get done correctly and a lot of modification has to be made in order to fit the electronics. I didn't check before I printed it so I am working very hard and probably will fail in fitting everything as it should. In retrospect, it would have been easier to bite the bullet and print another one. But I really didn't want to waste 3kg of filament 200 hours of printing it, a couple cans of paint and lots of sanding paper and time.

TL:DR, if you are thinking about installing the electronics, buy everything in advance print a let holder and where the needles go and test fit everything

Comments deleted.

Can this print on a Robo 3D R1+ platform? Or should I use the scaled down model?

I designed the large pieces in this file to fit on a ROBO3D R1. If you're concerned with size or print time, there is a remix for small build platforms.

I designed the large pieces in this file to fit on a ROBO3D R1. If you're concerned with size or print time, there is a remix for small build platforms.

ok where are the instructions for this???

I keep coming back and eyeballing this. The Temptation to make it is ever growing.

DO IT! It's a large undertaking, but the results speak for themselves.

This is seriously beautiful.... but my makerbot replicator 2x won't print these pieces at all... they're too big... aside from the fact that it would take 15 hours a piece to print..... I don't trust it enough to print for more than 3 hours on its own without curling.... sigh....

i just printed mine at 75% scale

Same here campingtomz. How did yours turn out?

how small is it? and how long did it take you to print?

I think the total time to print all pieces comes out to about 120+ hours. and about 3kg of filament. Make sure to calibrate your printer first, or you may waste lots of time and filament. The total length is about 2 feet long and 1.5 feet tall w/ needles.

There is a REMIX of this design for smaller build platforms. Still upwards of 5-6 hours to print the large pieces, but it's another option if you really want to print it.

I really DO want to print it :) I'll look for it, thanks!

I'm glad you like it. It took the better part of a month for me to complete the design.

Well my hat is off for you sir!

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this? I would like to make this but not sure how to wire it up. Thanks!

I'll upload a diagram to the pics. It's super simple. one 12V battery (ie: 8 AA batteries in a holder), 26 12volt LEDs, one switch, and a bunch of 22AWG wire.

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you so much!

Please can you create a list of which parts are which colours.

Does this version have cutouts for electronics. I have found a version that does, but it is for small build platforms and i would prefer to print less pieces and have less gluing and joins.

Yes, this design has cutouts for electronics. I haven't printed these, but one of the "Makes" was done with the large pieces and it came out great.

Was any support material used on any parts

Most parts can be printed with no support if placed in the proper orientation, the front tips benefit from support everywhere to keep from sagging. hope this helped.

Im printing needles but for some reason they keep messing up. How did you print them? Laying down or standing up?

I print them at .2mm layer with enough perimeters to not have any infill (5 is my default). I use no support and a 5mm extended raft with a .2mm z gap. hope these settings help.

Printing mine at 50% scale I did them standing up. I made a file with all fourteen and another for an individual needle. I used .3mm resolution 10% infill plus a raft and two of the fourteen layout failed so I used the individual file twice. If you're doing this full scale I would think to use supports as well.

No support should be necessary. I printed full scale at 7 at a time.

I printed given scale on a reliabuild3d with an 10x10x10 build area (the revamped rigidbot) sliced the needles in cura 2.3.1, had to finagle the orientation a bit to get them flat on the ends. 10 lines of brim, no support, clear ABS, very pretty. Nice Work Ethan...

In case you're wondering I've been done for a while. I'm just having trouble getting the paints I need. I should have them around 3 days from now and post a make sometime soon after that.

I'm starting to work on this printed at 50% size. Looks like a great design :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Are you printing small to make it a display piece?

I'm printing it small mainly because I dont have enough filament (or patience) to print it at full scale. Also, for one or two of the parts I dont have enough print space

I made a model that is for those with small build platforms. They are the 2 remixes of this design. If you want to print one full size someday, those are available with and without electronics cutouts.

Okay. I'm going to see how this turns out half scale and I'll post a make around when I'm done. Eventually I might print it full size but for now I'm sticking with 50% scale

Sounds good. I look forward to seeing how it turns out at small scale. If you run into any issues, please let me know and I'll try to help.

I am almost done printing and should post a make within a day or two. I havent had any issues and everything is going smoothly.

How's the print coming? I'm curious how it'll turn out at half size.

Its already done, I'm just waiting for the paint I need for it to come in.

Its already done, I'm just waiting for the paint I need for it to come in.

That was fast. But I guess that's to be expected from a 50% scale.

The base has all been printed out! I taught someone how to use the 3d printer for when I was at work :) I have to print out a new top portion of the tip. I did not know the trigger assembly fitted differently ( alignment pins opposed to grooved cutouts. ) I have updated the make. I'll try and get everything strapped together so I can do a full body size comparison. Just need the LED inserts and needles now :) The base of the build using my settings in the make used around 2.2KG by the way :)

If you printed the Front tip Top and the Trigger assembly from this Thing, they will fit together. If you used the trigger assembly from the Small build platform Thing, it will not fit. I've printed them all from the small build platform, as they are designed to use less support material. I'm using filament from a different maker than I'm used to, so I'm running into feeding issues and color mismatching. hence the time delay so far.

I know the pain of using different filament. I've wasted many hours due to bad filament. Yes I never noticed at first so will be printing a new tip out tomorrow :)

Cool beans. Will you be using LEDs in this build? Links are in the Instructions if you care to use the same as I am.

hej man,
Super awesome work and awesome that you are sharing with the community.
can you upload it in bigger parts i have a huge printer and would love to print some stuf in one piece.
Btw how much is it scaled down from 1:1 size?
I want to print it ful scale

Thanks man, I appreciate the comments. This model is about 23" long where the game weapon is 29" long. Not sure of the scale factor for that, but it shouldn't be hard to rough guess. I scaled it down a bit to make it easier to carry and to better fit the scale of a normal height person. I'll work on uploading larger sections of the weapon, but that'll take some time. I'm also working on a model for those who do not wish to install electronics. The updated copies should be up in a few days at the latest.

cool, wanted to design this thing for a while but have had other projects.
I have a 20x30x60 cm printer so it would probably have been 4 main pieces.
If you need any help or input i'd like to help you out. So far not a lot to comment on!
Don't know if you excluded the etched detail lines on the top on purpose as well as the padding` on the lower receiver.
I have designed, finished and casted up a few halo verse weapons already.

I did this design based on a request from a friend. I was re-learning the software and thought this would be a challenge. I didn't add details to the top because it can be a paint on feature. I may add it later but that'll take some time. The front and back wrist rest pads are in there. I'm working on 3 different remixes of this design for smaller build platforms and a solid version with no electronics cut outs. I was considering making a vacuum form mold of this when I'm done, could be profitable.

are you planning on publishing the work files so we can modify it?
and cut it differenlty into bigger pieces for larger printers.

No, sorry. The source files will remain mine. You can stitch the .STL files together in Netfabb or other programs and cut them how you like. I'm moving on from this project design wise though, things are working well with the files that are posted.

I have to agree with Weno on this.
I have used a few KG of filament testing out prints. Its all part of the fun.
I admire that you don't want people wasting filament testing this out for you, but testing would go a lot faster with more people. You also wouldn't get bombarded with messages asking for the files ;)
If people are willing to test this out for you I can't see any reason not to take them up on that offer :)

.stl files are up. Thanks for the interest. I look forward to seeing the progress.

Just received 3KG worth of filament today. Will let you know how I get on :)

made some mods to the top shell front and back, it now has a flat face and 4 alignment pin holes. might make it easier to print.

Lucky I haven't started those parts yet then! :)
For anyone else wanting to know, I've scaled mine to 1.26 normal scale. This brings the piece relatively close to actual size. ( or should )

Thanks for the reference scale, I look forward to seeing how it looks at that size. have you estimated the amount of material, I'm guessing around 4.5Kg. I'm working on a remix that doesn't have the electronics cutouts if that's something you want to wait for.

Just as a reference. When I suggested a 1.26 scale, this was with cura scaling. I've now found out this scale is wrong. Not sure why, but cura scaling is pretty bad. when scaling to 1.2 ( in netfabb ) you end up with an overall length of around 28.7 inches.
I've printed out the top and lower tip at this scale ( netfabb (1.2) ) and it looks to be correct size, this has used 500g of filament.
I am printing at a fairly low resolution though ( .8 nozzle, .4 layer height, 10% infill )

That's great info. I'll update the instructions to add this in. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks. I havent printed those parts yet, how did they turn out?

No problem with them. I had to split them in half to get them to fit on my print bed, but the plastic weld stuck them back together nicely.
I can post some pictures and screenshots of print orientations tomorrow if that might help?

I uploaded a different set of .stl files in a remix of this Thing, the pieces have been cut down for small build platforms, but might make it easier to print a scaled up version. That would be cool if you uploaded the make, if you want. I definitely want to see how the final looks.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Letting the pieces cure at the moment. I would now, but the pieces are currently wrapped in elastic bands to keep pressure on the pieces xD. I'll post some screen grabs of orientations as well. I'll be printing the wrist parts next so I can confirm actual overall length for you :)

sounds good, I just added a pic of how the wrist rest looks with the pads. It's coming together nicely.

Would you believe it. I got it wrong again. stick to 1.26 - 1.27 scale. I was using the wrong files when I scaled them in netfabb. I've added a made picture to show what overall size will be at this scale.

There is no dimension for your picture. Can't tell any size relation without dimensions.

Should be there. Have you enlarged the image? I'll double check ive uploaded the right screen grab, but from netfabb:
Length: 734.31mm Width: 152.40mm Height: 423.38

Ok I see it now, my bad.

Just to let you know. At 1.27 scale the overall length ends up being 735mm which I think is 28.9 inches? This has used 1.3kg to print out the tip, hand rest, wrist rest and alignment pins. Printing out the top shell now. Should have it all printed out by next weekend :)

You've printed the grip? Can you upload a photo of you holding it to your make?

Maybe with a ruler on top, so I can get a sense of how big your hands are?

I had some time after work and got the grip printed out. It measures 17cm in height and 11cm across. My hands are considered large so no formal measurement there. I've added some pictures to the make.

I just printed the lower part of the trigger assembly, the grip. I have made some modifications and will be uploading new .STL files to make use of a tac switch and a trigger button. Photos with reference ruler will be up shortly.

Look forward to seeing these changes :) How much left have you got to print? I've had no failures so far so the pieces print extremely well by the way :)

An updated trigger assembly has been uploaded to all models with electronics cutouts. I included a trigger button that works quite well with the tac switches I have linked in the instructions. All the materials I used are in the instructions as well. I should be done printing by next weekend. I'll do a mock up when it's all finished and upload pics of all the components. I look forward to seeing how your large scale comes out. Glad to hear that the pieces are coming together well.

I have to point out something though. As this was scaled for a certain size, when scaled up there are some problems. Mainly anything which was designed to use LEDs. The needle opening on the top shell seem especially large at this scale. I will know more once it is all together though

Not printed the grip yet, I meant to say hand rest sorry :P Should have everything printed by next weekend so will be able to see the full scale then. Only able to print at the weekend, so things move a bit slow :(

Going to end up being just over 4KG if I'm estimating right.
I've found the main bulk of this project is due to the channels for the wiring. A solid piece would use less filament overall, but I'm quite happy messing around with these files for now.
I've cut them up in netfabb and plan to attatch them together again with plastruct plastic weld. This has worked well for me in the past with PLA.

cant you just release your files chopped up and a full version the people can chop themselve to fit on a print bed.. isnt that the point of thingiverse? i just dont see a point to this if you wont post the main files.. if your gonna share it why not just share it so we all can test parts and get it tuned in together? thats how opensource works.. i can see everyone on here would print pieces and could tell you what works best.. i know for a fact i would be printing this and not care if i wasted filament testing the parts..

You're absolutely right, the .stl files are up and ready for testing, I'll be posting progress pics along the way.

after looking for the handle i realized your handle is attached to a piece which makes it too big to print on a makerbot dual.. can you chop the handle off the body panel? the most common form of printer everyone has is a replicator dual.. atleast thats what i have found to be best to design for.. also is this gun the right scale?

This gun was scaled down a little to make it more usable and size correct for a standard person. The game weapon is about 29 inches long, this model is about 23 inches long. still a massive project. which part is causing an issue with the build space? I could cut the tip off of the back and make it a separate part, but the grip and the piece that attaches to the grip should remain as one piece because of the internal cavity for electronics.

looking at "wrist rest back repaired" that piece would be best printed on the flat side down.. but when i do that i am too tall for a rep dual printer.. i even have a glass plate so i loose 5mm ... i would cut them into a few more pieces.. its only a little to tall but like i said i have a glass plate and i am sure most people would have somewhat modified printers as well. the zig zag cuts i would cut flat so its easier to print using the flat base..

Oh, the zig zag cut was for when I had the top shell as a shelled design for alignment purposes. I just re-did the cut to a straight cut with holes for alignment pins, but it's pretty tall. 190mm.

looking at most pieces .. they dont fit my bed at all.. the front "barrel" is too long as well as other bits.. could you cut these in half again? they would be smaller and print quickly.. and you can still print on one plate side by side if cut down more.. thats the biggest issue i see is it fitting on build plates.. i always try to orientate where i wouldnt use supports for better prints and all those way on this make the pieces too large..

what are the dimensions of the Dual?

This design was intended for larger build platforms such as the Robo3D. 10"x9"x8". There are free software out there to cut them into sizes that work for you. I will work on a more mini printer friendly version, but it'll take some time.

could you release solid files of each piece? so we can cut them ourselves.. as for build size not 100% sure.. i honestly just import into makerware or meshmixer and select repliator dual .. honestly for best quality prints i would print everything going straight up as no over hangs and details will come out nice .. im just thinking of ways to help.. i personally will print this going straight up for no supports.. probably have to cut your pieces in half again ..

Comments deleted.

.stl files are up. Happy printing!

Keep posted for updates, the .stl files will be uploaded as soon as I confirm it prints well.

When you print the handle, can we get a pic of you gripping it? My wife's hands are tiny and maybe we can make things fit by scaling it down to 80%.

.stl files are up. I am currently printing with Gizmo Dorks dark purple PLA, Prototype Supplys cool grey PLA, and Hatchboxs pink, white, and black PLA. All available on amazon. Progress pics will be uploaded soon. Happy printing.

I scaled the in game weapon down by about 90% to create this one. I'll be sure to post progress pics with references for size as they come out. Just waiting on the Purple and Grey Filament to come in.

If the color looks good, please add links to the filament.

Will do, it's hard to find just the right color for something like this. I hope I chose correctly.

Total pipe dream, but if you want to get REALLY fancy, you could rig up some kind of servo bed that lifts all the darts when it's activated. Kinda like a reload. Not needed though. lol

Will all the lights turn on at once? Or will multiple presses cause them to turn off as if they were being fired?

In my current electrical setup, all the lights will be turned on and off with a tac switch on the trigger. I have a 12v battery pack and will have a 12vdc transformer to plug into wall power. There will be a mount designed for it soon so that you can put it on display and have it lit. How you wire it up is entirely up to you, you can even get a small PCB and speaker and have it make the noises from the game, but that's farther than I want to go with it for now.

oooh... "Oh you want a night light? Here's a night needler kid, grow a pair!"

I like it! I am proud of my ambient lighting in my LR, I could probably get the guys at radio shack to help me attach it to the existing control box...

was disappointing there wasn't a file to download

.stl files are up. Happy printing!

Sorry, but I can't upload the file until I confirm that it prints and assembles well. I wouldn't want someone wasting time and money. I'm looking for feedback and interest from the community for now. Keep posted for updates.

I will print this as soon as it is ready! lol

definitely printing this asap :) this looks awesome :D

I look forward to seeing other people make this. Trust me, I am working on it as we speak.

My wife has started searching for translucent pink and purple filament in anticipation. lol

You just gave me a great idea for a modification. I was going print it in white and paint the entire thing, but I've cut some of the 3D bodies so that you can print each piece in its intended color. I have dark grey, dark purple and pink filament on the way. Thanks for the Eureka moment.

Double points if everything is printable on a 8 wide, 5 deep, and 5 tall Dremel printer! 0_o

Uuuuuuh... no comment. It's currently cut into pieces that fit a Robo3D which is 10in x 9in x 8in. Using a program like Netfabb you can cut it into manageable pieces, or scale it down to fit.

I'm using a solidoodle 4, but I may be able to print some of the longer parts on my modded printrbot :D

I have been waiting for someone to make a needler! This looks amazing, keep up the good work.

.stl files are up.

Thanks a lot, I thought the same thing when I started this project. I couldn't find a 3D file of the Needler anywhere. As I print this out for the first time, I'll be posting progress pics. Stay tuned.

it looks really good, but with no .stl up its hard to help

Thanks. This is still a work in progress, I'll upload the .stl files when I work out the bugs of printing and fitment. This is a massive project and will take some time.