Wayfarer Tactics: Character Compendium (18mm scale)

by dutchmogul Sep 4, 2015
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Anybody willing to share with me? Can't get it to download....

Thank you so much! these models are amazing. It's really cool of you to share them with the world. I'm planning to use them to take my DnD campaigns to the next level. Again, thank you!

I love all of this models. I'd like to play this wargame, but the link took me to the official website, and to download the Discord (this is the new name) rules i need to insert a payment method even if it is free. Is there a way to download skipping this passage?

do you have stat cards for all these? and do you plan to if not? can't wait to get back home from this deployment to start playing again.

Hey there. Thanks for the awsum work, and sharing it with the world. On some of the other factions you posted character sheets. Do you have one for every character/unit within this repository?

UPDATE: Mytoan Spore-Host added.

Pocket-Tactics: Core Set 4 (Fourth Edition)
Creeping Ghoul (18mm scale)
Feasting Ghoul (18mm scale)
Fighting Ghoul (18mm scale)
Priest of Mordiggian (18mm scale)
Intrepid Dreamer (18mm scale)
Charnel God (18mm scale)
Gug Prisoner (18mm scale)
Gug Sorcerer (18mm scale)
Tribes of the Dark Forest (Variant Models)

UPDATE: Ghym Space Rogue and Mr. Puffs added.

Ghym Space Rogue (18mm scale)
Mr. Puffs (18mm scale)
Starbrood Swarmer (18mm scale)
Starbrood Slasher (18mm scale)
Starbrood Phage Drone (18mm scale)
Starbrood Destroyer (18mm scale)
Starbrood Annihilator (18mm scale)
Ulfer Ironhead (18mm scale)
Carnifex Tetrus (18mm scale)
Ronald Jackson, Telepathic Privateer (18mm scale)
Valeria Horn, Psionic Privateer (18mm scale)
Lucian Fahim, Cyborg Field Medic (18mm scale)
Mercenary Captain (18mm Scale)
Comments deleted.
Mouseling Thief (18mm scale)
Hogwizzard (18mm scale)
Scuttlegun (18mm scale)
Gunner Knight (18mm scale)
Trollspawn Marauder (18mm scale)
Wizard (18mm scale)
Winter Treeman (18mm scale)
Dragon (18mm scale)
C-10 Cyclops (18mm scale)
GunHound (18mm scale)
Human Verser (18mm scale)
Dominion T.A.P. Mark V (18mm scale)
Dominion ExoKnight Mark V (18mm scale)
TinkerCAD Power Armored Trooper