Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Mini filament spool

by GDesign Sep 4, 2015
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beware printrbot play owners. this piece did some crazy stuff to my extruder the 5 times i attempted to print this thing. it will clog up your printer towards the end of the print if you are using the getting started with pay settings. I would suggest that you either print extremely slow or try to set your layer height and shell thickness to match the .75mm of the print. unless you want to spend all night trying to figure out how to get a lump of cold pla out of your heatsink.

Sorry to hear about that. I always print between 40 to 60 mm/s so when print it I stated is printable and upload the model is there any way you can recommend me to optimize my models for printing I don't want this to keep happening I see what work perfect in my printer doesn't work in others I'm in a learning course got my printer for around 4 month already

I would increase the layer and sidewall thickness to .8mm at least. The size is perfect for a 100mm square printer like the play. You could add a little more thickness inside the holes in the inner-spool shaft. I am sure I can get this to print I'll just have to adjust my print settings and maybe disable retraction. I'm also going to try using a different filament. it weird this is the only print I've had that actually pushed my printer this hard.

Did you try the updated file those have a 1mm thickness on the wall. I will work on your suggestion thanks

Sound like your bed need leveling I had mine printed in PLA in a Ctc Bezier at 200 microns no heated bed and no raft the wall thickness is .75mm I can adjust it and update the file but the idea is to cut time in printing. The side holes are for the first version then decide to go with the holes in the hub and never remove them thinking that maybe someone will like to anchor the filament to side instead.

The side walls appear a little thin and flimsy. I'm not clear about purpose of small side wall holes, the are a pain when trying to get the first layer neat when working without a heated bed.

I couldn't get the guard to bond enough to hold for the full height of the print either. I may need to adjust the bed a little but a little more thickness may help.