Wing part, RC Spitfire

by stephencz Sep 4, 2015
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does it come with the full model or just the wing?

What glue do you use? All glues i use give a ugly white powder on the surface of the printet part. And i dont trust normal hotglue...

Hi, Anyone knows the wingspan of the complete build?

Its 973mm
These are the most important specs:

Lenght: 800mm (31.5in)
Wingspan: 973mm (38.3in)
Height: 210mm (7.8in)
Wing area: 16.8 dm2
Wing loading: 50.1 g/dm2
Airfoil: aircombat modificated
Print weight: 432g
Empty weight(eq. w/o baterry): 638g
Takeoff weight (6s 1300 lipo): 840g
Max takeoff weight: 1100g
Never exceed speed, VNE: 205 km/h
Design maneuvering speed, VA: 165km/h
Stall speed, VS: 30 km/h

Hi, I wanted to print it with cura (current version 2.3.0), but it ignores complete the inner construction, only the shell would be sliced correct.
The advice to uncheck "Fix horrible Options: Combine everything (Type-A) and Combine everything (Type-B)" won't work because the current version of cura doesn't have this feature in the config anymore or I won't be able to find it.
Solid view shows the wing correct, only sliced appear hollow.

Is there a workaround to get cura print these files in the right way? Thank you in advance!

Hello and thanks for interest, I gues only chance is to use older version :-) If I find some time I will try some setting 2.3.0. Or use MatterControl or recomended Simplify3D, but yes this is a pitty...

Thank for your fast response!
I don't want to buy Simplify3D without testing and MatterControl is a little bit confusing for me. I'm a beginner for 3D and have successfully worked with cura until now...
Some features of the new version of cura are fine, so I have to check if multi-installation is a possible way (for the moment).

Your're welcome to check with the new cura... Thank you!

Now I've installed cura 15.04.6. The 'Fix' as described worked for me, too, so I will be able to make the print with it.

I also recognized a new update for cura, version 2.3.1 is available now. After installing that, I looked at the custom settings like always and check all the needed items. Under 'Mesh fixes' there is a displayed item called 'Union Overlapping Volumes'. I've unchecked it and look (!!!), all the missed infills are present and shown correct.
I think this must be the searched for adjustment...

Hello demantor;

I am trying to setup my Ultimaker 2 for this print with Cura 2.3.1, but it says the print takes over 9 hours.
Have you had the same result?
Can you chech my setup, if i send you the ini or screenshots?

Thank you for your help.

I checked this. With the original "CURA_wing_fuse.ini" CURA calculated 2h55m.
I can't remember if that was the final time, because I tested a lot to get a satisfying result of the test wing.

This project is now paused by me due to other work and I guess that I don't saved the result setting, sorry!

Very nice model.
Thanks to the detailed instructions the first print came out OK-ish. But a little warping (PETG) appeared on the bottom of the part and the perimeter does not get a very smooth finish. I have to calibrate my printer even better and play a bit with the temperature settings (and try PLA).
I'll definitely build one. The only thing to do now is to choose between the spitfire, the Me190H or the P47.
Yes I know - I should print all 3 :)

Just one wish: on Bentwaters (Woodbridge airfield) there is a 2-seater version of the Spitfire. I though I knew my planes but was quite confused when I had the joy of seeing this one flying when I arrived there. I would love a dual passenger canopy for this plane since this is a very special modification done for instruction flights.

Je suis déçu, seules les ailes sont fournies, le reste est payant!

any know how to print this on XYZ? I have a da vinci 1.0 and cant get it to print correctly. All the hollow parts it prints them as honeycomb fill :(

once I get my new printer properly calibrated, will try this. If I can get it to work I'll buy the whole plan.

Then I want an F4U Corsair please!!

Comments deleted.

Uh, stupid question maybe, but when I load it into RepetierHost it says "mesh is not manifold"... RepetierHost 1.6.0 with CuraEngine.

When I slice it, none of the internal structure shows at all... Any idea why?

Hello and thanks for interest, it works with CURA 15.04.4 so without RepetierHost it will work, you can download predefined setting for CURA and adapt it for your printer (filament diameter and so on...) and take a look to videoguide for CURA... Also MatterControl works weel (I add now some instruction and profile)
But most recommended is still Simplify3D :-) I hope it helps...

Thanks for the tip about using Cura only. I managed it using the .ini provided, but I have a nozzle of 0.3mm, which Cura was unhappy about regarding the shell and layer thickness... What would you recommend? doing shell thickness of 0.6mm or 0.3mm?

Hard to say it doesnt work well with 0.3 (is too thin) maybe you can try set 0.6 thicknes, or set nozzle diameter in slicer as 0.4 and you shall see :-)

Landing gear add on! :), my old mendelmax 1.5 taken 20hrs to print half of the wing part, speed at 60ms

we are preparing P47 N Thunderbolt version with ladnding gear (retract).... must be something wrong with your setting... We print whole plane for 30-50 hours (speed 60-70mm/s)

my speed setting are:

S3D 3.0.2 windows 10 64bit
Defaults print speed 65 mm/s
Outline underspeed 80%
Extrution width 0.48

everything else are the same as the one in the video

this are main 3 setting infill are not used as we having 0% infill plus not support meterial so support speed are not really used for this print

when sliced S3D said it will take 11 hrs (1 set wing half) but actual print time clocked 20hrs :-/, and the servo slot did not print properly for me,

I know P47-N will have retract I'm more requesting add-on for current plane :)

If you export factory file I can take a look on it...., yes we made some first attemp with landing gear and it looks like a little bit more complex project because we need redesign wing parts, add ruder and so on..., I guess in future we add retract version also for Spit and Mustang, after P47 I am planing L139 Albatros (EDF jet with retract)

already emailed you my factory files


I followed the video settings for simplify3d, the print speed settings seems really low. When I generate Gcode it gives me very very long estimated print times. Is it best to print these very slow to get good quality with the thin walls? or am I doing something wrong? For example WingR_2B is says will take 24 hours and 14 minutes. I have Robo3D R1+ and Airwolf3d HD2x available. Before watching the video, I tried the root wing piece in Mattercontrol with ABS and unmodified settings. It had real bad layer adhesion and when I pulled it off the heat bed the cracks got huge fast. so shrinkage is definitely and issue with ABS. I'll have to order some PLA and try that first. I plan to order the whole model, but I'm not going to do that until I can get good prints on the wing parts.

Hello and thanks for feedback, whole R wing should take about 12 hours (print all parts together is faster), yes PLA works best so far..., please send me your factory file for Simplify3D and I can take a look whats wrong with setting (support@3dlabprint.com)

I've seen the PDF with the guide - it says PLA is recommended. Why the ABS is not suitable for this print?

I will answer myself:

I've tried to print a nose section from ABS for my own designed plane. The thermal shrinkage of the ABS caused the part to delaminate during printing. The nose section was abt 100mm long (tall). The delamination during printing occured about every 15 - 20 mm. There are 3 options: a) build a printer with temperature controlled chamber, b) add a temperature controlled chamber to existing printer, or c) change material to PET or PLA :) But I don't know if PET will be glue-able with CA.

I experimented a lot with different materials, trying to print parts for my plane (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:825880).
ABS and PET do not work - too low interlayer adhesion. Even if you have a chamber, this will fix delamination, but not low adhesion.

PLA works the best in planes case

Fully 3D printed sailplane model. optimized for 0.2 nozzle (weight reduction)

Do you have settings for Printrbot simple printer? I have the extended bed 250X150X150. Which slice engine do you have profile for? Cura etc etc for this printer?

When using Cura to slice the wing enable "Only follow model mesh surface" mode under expert settings.
EDIT: ok so it literally only follows the mesh surface. Inner perimeters aren't joined properly to the outer perimeter so this isn't a viable solution :/

Hello! I want to download the model from your website but im not sure if I should go for the 195x195 or the 150x150 because my print bed is 190x190 max haha. So my Question is...Is this the largest/widest part or are there bigger ones? I twisted it on the virtual bed so its diagonal and it just about fit on there. I'd rather purchase the 195mmbed model so there is less parts to print and glue you see. Thanks! (excellent work btw!)

Hello, 195 version will be OK for you I guess. Yes this is the biggest part... and you can contact support@3dlabprint.com in case of trouble with fitting on the bed (for 150/150/150 version wing)

Thanks, I'll post pictures once it is finished! can I ask what PLA you used for the model in the pictures? the clear pla, was it from faberdashery?

this is PLA from Czech Republic, brand Plasty Mladec: http://www.plastymladec.cz/?id=13 , but most of the PLA is good enough

Thanks, I'll check it out!

This thing is beautiful, going to see if I can print it and how well, and definitely buy the model if it prints ok :)

This printed somewhat ok sliced with cura in repetier host, except none of the internal structure printed. It looks great, but has no strength. Any tips to get it to print properly without spending $125 on Simplify3d?

Mattercontrol slicer works..., or if you download whole plane from our site I can help you with Gcodes for your printer (tech support included) but S3D is great slicer, trust me...

excellent, easy to print and assemble, thanks 3DLab .Soon I will make the first flight

I just tried this with Cura, and it seemed to work OK. I had to scale it down 50% to fit onto my printer, and that was fine too.

One question... your model includes ribs and spars in the wing, but Cura didn't generate any of that... just the skin :( Any chance you could post the G-code?

surely, let me know information about your printer please...

If you deactivate the Fix horrible Options: Combine everything (Type-A) and Combine everything (Type-B) in the Expert config Cura should slice the model correctly, at least at the original scale

thanks..., so this is very usefull information, I will try it

Thanks for the replies. But I've now got MatterControl (which I hadn't heard of before... another win for me!) and I'm printing the wing section again right now. Will get back to you in 6 hours...

Its been 6 hrs ... xD