Object of Constant Width Filament Turn Table

by Intentional3D Sep 4, 2015
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Unlike most horizontal spool holders (which throw in a 608zz in a useless configuration), this one actually bears the weight in the correct direction. Thank you!

I printed this and it seems to have a bit of trouble getting enough friction. When a spool of filament is on top the top "lid" just slides around on the elements. It seems to need a lot of pressure to actully have the elements move. I have considered covering the "roll surfaces" with some sort of fabric to give it something to hold on to but I don't know if that will help.

Has anyone else seen that problem or have any ideas how to fix it?

This is soooooo cool, printing it now.
Will post photos.
thankyou for the design.

Do do you prevent a new spool of filament from uncoiling and falling down and onto the bearings? I setup a new roll of Inland ABS 3mm and about 10 loops dropped down so I can only use it with half-used rolls..... Other than that, this thing is awesome! I can't believe how smooth it rolls! lol

Thank you for sharing this design!!

Good job, i will print it and upload a make for u to see it.

Am I correct by saying that you need 7 of the Constant Width Objects?

print as many as you want. You can scale them down and print more,

Awesome, That looks really cool.

How did you orient the cones for printing?

They are already in the optimal printing orientation. Print with a raft and support

Wow, great job on the win, amazing work on the design. Can't wait to print my own and show it off, this is beautiful

Thanks! I recommend scaling the solid object down a bit.

could this concept be incorporated into a functional lazy suzan or does it not lay fully flat?

Yes! It lays perfectly flat.

Would low to see a video of it.
I love the idea.

We uploaded a GIF!

We will upload one soon

Wow this is something else, I'm intrigued! Nice idea and design.