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I have been into electronics and mechanical things since I was 10 (early 70's).

Most of my professional life I worked fixing coin operated machines, everything from pinball machines to arcade games, pool tables, video games, candy machines and even slot machines.

I now work from home selling epoxy and epoxy related products over the web as well as producing 3D images for the advertising industry. The software I use for this (Lightwave 3D) is what I use to make models for printing.

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Printers: TAZ 5

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Klingon Bat'Leth by tmorris9 Feb 27, 2013
Companion Cube Gift box Made by tmorris9 Dec 17, 2012
GoPro Hero3 lens cover by tmorris9 Apr 19, 2013
Higher resolution Trek Badge with magnet hole by tmorris9 Nov 18, 2012