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Have done quite a lot with my printer in the 4+ years I've owned it.: gifts for family/friends, functional items around the house, lots of donated items for various charitable and community fundraisers/events, prosthetic arm/hand, prototyped toys for a designer.

I'm no "artiste" when it comes to sculpture-like design, but think I developed some decent skills for unique functional/gift items. Enjoy this stuff.....(most designs are free, but some of my favorites are non-commercial licenses, please don't sell them).

Oh....and, of course a lifetime University of Kentucky Wildcats fan, best basketball program in the nation! GO BIG BLUE!!


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Printers: MakerBot Replicator 2

Design Programs: Thingiverse Customizer, 123D Catch, Inkscape, MeshLab, Tinkercad

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