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Thingiversity Technology Challenge: Light It Up

Days Remaining: 0
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Make a 3D-printable design that incorporates LED lights, for wearing, using, or watching during those warm summer nights. Feel free to incorporate switches, solar power, or anything that helps you light up the night.

Technology connections: Basic circuits, designing for assembly, LED components.

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Thingiversity Engineering Challenge: Catch The Wind

Days Remaining: 3
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Design a 3D model that harnesses the power of the wind. Make a pinwheel, print a bubble maker, design a kite with 3D printed components, or design and 3D print anything you can think of that runs on the summer breeze.

Technology connections: Energy transfer, movable assemblies.

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Thingiversity Art Challenge: See The World

Days Remaining: 10
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Create a 3D model of an outdoor landmark from around the world, either from a place you're visiting this summer, or a place you've always wanted to visit. You can design your model with 3D modeling software, or if you prefer, scan the actual landmark and then use software to make the resulting file 3D-printable.

Technology connections: Designing from a reference, media techniques.

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Thingiversity Math Challenge: Build A Castle

Days Remaining: 17
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Make your own 3D printed sand castle molds and show off your mathematics at the beach! Build a sand castle from geometric shape molds, make a tessellation mold to add some style to your castle, or even make your own sigil mold to proudly mark your castle.

Math connections: Geometry, mold design, tessellations.

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