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Customizer is the easiest way to take great 3D printable designs and make them your own. Make your OpenSCAD designs infinitely more valuable by empowering the community to customize them.

Platform: Thing

Requires at least one of these types of files: scad


How Do I Use Customizer?

On a Thing Page, look for the Customize button button. Select the Customizer App. Once open, adjust the desired settings. Once all your changes have been made, create ‘Create Thing’. Download, print, and share.

Create Your Own Customizer

Learn how to create your own Customizer by learning OpenSCAD or view the OpenSCAD to Customizer documentation.

Join the Community

The Thingiverse OpenSCAD group is a great place to start topic threads, share Things made with OpenSCAD, and receive answers to questions about this design tool.