AstroPrint Thingiverse search

Developed by astroprint

It allows AstroPrint users to search for designs on Thingiverse. Users can import the files to their account and even print wirelessly straight to their AstroPrint-powered 3D Printers.

Platform: Web

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Astro Print customers can use it to look for designs on Thing inverse. Users can upload files to their accounts and print them wirelessly to their Astro Print-enabled 3D printers. Web is the platform. Instructions App Comments screenshots . Many of the students are searching for online courses, online exams and online classes. We are here for provide you the best site for your academic career. https://getexamdone.com/ is the is here from where you can learn with our Experts teachers.

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how do i connect the app to my account so i can get it to work?
every time i try to go to this app there is no "download button" or "add app button"
cant figure out how to sync with my astroprint accout
please help

I've used the software https://playpc.io/ on a raspberry pi for nearly a year before I got my Astroprint box a year ago, and they both work great. I was a bit intimidated by Octoprint, although I understand it's very powerful I just didn't find it easy to use or configure. A bit too much power I guess, so I tried Astroprint and I love it. It's gotten much more powerful over the last two years and they continue to improve it with frequent to the Box software and the cloud too. I have done 757 prints thru the Astroprint cloud in the last two years, and look forward to continued usage.

Pretty dissapointing. Theres no real way to alter slicer settings in application. I've since discovered the web UI which has what I was searching for, anyway it doesn't function admirably utilizing firefox on portable. By: https://www.britishdissertationwriters.co.uk

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Do i need to log in to my thingiverse account when i am on AstroPrint APP?

Do i need to log in to my thingiverse account when i am on AstroPrint APP?

Astroprint ist a cool Tool, i like it

L-O-V-E Astroprint, makes even the most basic 3D printer into a usable tool.