MakerBot Desktop

Developed by MakerBot

This application is no longer in development and users are encouraged to use instead. A complete, free 3D printing solution for discovering, managing, and sharing your 3D prints.

Platform: Desktop


Prepare for 3D Printing

Easy to Use MakerBot MakerWare is built right in.

  • Rafts: An additional, stabilizing surface at the print’s base. Rafts help ensure adhesion to the build plate and better print quality.
  • Supports: Thin, pull-away, support material for overhangs or between print elements. Supports allow you to print more complex models.
  • Slice: Quickly create the layers and instructions your printers will use to print your 3D objects.
  • Layouts for Quick Printing: Save your layouts of pre-sliced files right to your library. Grab one later for a single-click quick print.
  • Preview Your 3D Print: Get time and material estimates, see print layers, and follow the projected path of the extruder. All before actually printing.

Empowered Printing

  • Explore: Find and share things to print with integrated Thingiverse
  • Control: Quick access to common commands like suspend, change filament, or cancel
  • Monitor: The onboard camera makes it easy to keep tabs on your prints

Keep Organized with the Library

  • Import: Bring all your existing files into a personal, secure, cloud-enabled library
  • Manage: Easily rename, edit, and add instructions to your personal files, layouts and collections