Print with AstroPrint

Developed by astroprint

Use your AstroPrint account to print directly from Thingiverse to any AstroPrint-enabled 3D printer. If your printer is not AstroPrint-enabled you can still connect it to the best 3D Printing Cloud by using an AstroBox ( or if you use OctoPrint, using this plugin:

Platform: Thing

Requires at least one of these types of files: STL


This app allows you to get Thingiverse file into your AstroPrint account for printing directly into your AstroPrint-enabled printers.

Simply sign into you AstroPrint Account and click on "Save on AstroPrint" to save the model to your own private AstoPrint Design Library or "Print with AstroPrint" to jump directly to the Print Screen where you can select printer, material and quality. From there you can send to printer, add to queue and more.

If the Thing has more than one model, you can create a project containing all the printable files by click on "Save as Project"