Sculpto iOS

Developed by Sculpto

The Sculpto App allows you to 3D print your own and others' ideas on your Sculpto 3D printer. After you have connected your Sculpto Printer to your Wi-Fi, you get access to a large selection of 3D models that you can print. All you need to do is to choose the quality you want to print and then press “Print".

Platform: iOS

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Why can I not link this to my app?

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I cannot get the two apps to communicate. I am about to return my printer.

I also cannot use the sculpto app because thingiverse timed out upon logging in. super annoying and pointless!!

This app is broken. I cannot get Sculpto to access Thingiverse. It keeps timing out and giving an error blaming Thingiverse for taking too long to respond, which is getting quite annoying!