3D Print with Treatstock

Developed by Treatstock

3D Print a wide range of designs with Treatstock. Easy to use tools to get the perfect result. The global 3D printing network that connects you with high-quality and fast working print services near you.

Platform: Thing

Requires at least one of these types of files: STL, PLY


Step 1. Find a Thing

Browse through the products on Thingiverse and when you find a thing that you would like to get 3D printed, click the “Order this Printed” button and select "3D Print with Treatstock" to launch our easy to use app.

Step 2. Review Files

All models on Thingiverse are stored as digital files that are sent to a print service for production. Please make sure the files and the quantities set for each file are correct, so your 3D printed product will be accurate and complete. You may choose to scale up the files from mm to inches if you think the size is too small.

Step 3. Specify Shipping Address

Enter the shipping address you wish to have your order sent to. The shipping address will be used to find all print services in or near that location.

Step 4. Choose Color and Select Print Service

Choose the color of the plastic that you want for your print. You will notice that the files will change to the color selected to give you an idea of what they will look like. Then, compare prices and reviews and select a print service near you to 3D print the files in that color. For a greater choice of materials and colors, you should visit our website Treatstock.com.

Step 5. Checkout

Complete the order process by proceeding to checkout and making payment, and be sure to provide your email address if you wish to receive notifications about the status of your order.

Step 6. Checkout Complete

If checkout was successful, it will display "Checkout Complete" and you should be able to see your Order ID for both Treatstock and Thingiverse. If you do not see your Order ID for Treatstock, please contact us to receive confirmation that the order went through.

Step 7. Enjoy your Print!

You will receive your printed product by mail within 10-14 days of placing your order. We hope you enjoy your new prints and if you have any questions, please contact us and our friendly staff will assist you as quick as possible.