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Treatstock is an online platform that offers decentralized manufacturing services such as 3D printing and CNC machining for clients all over the world. We offer free and instant access to comparative tools including upfront pricing and customer ratings and reviews for thousands of manufacturers to bring you the best deals online. To protect buyers, all payments are kept in a secure escrow account and only transferred to the manufacturer after orders are completed.

Platform: Thing

Requires at least one of these types of files: STL, PLY, OBJ, 3MF

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Also encountered some technical difficulties in the process of using this product. It's a pity that I had these problems, because the workflow itself, in my opinion, is perfectly organized here. I used this service to order models for 3D printing, I recommend it:

TreatStock, unfortunately, let one of their vendors, M² Custom Creations, remain unresponsive for several days before reassigning a project. TheTreatStock email support was also very unresponsive.They still haven't replied to an email I sent over 5 days ago.

I will approach 3D printing vendors directly for my next project.

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Thanks for a quick speedy print

I want to thank the folks at Treatstock for doing a wonderful job on a 3D printing of the parts to convert a 3D printed kit of Deckard's Blade Runner blaster to a snub nose version. What a fast turnaround, in less than a week they had the parts on the way to me. The parts are perfect, with tight infill, they fit without cleanup. This is a fun project but any shortcut to better result is worth the time and these parts have saved me a lot of cutting, filling and sanding. I recommend Treatstock for any 3D printing needs and look forward to using their services again.

I want to thank the folks at Treatstock for doing a wonderful job on a 3D printing of the parts to convert a 3D printed kit of Deckard's Blade Runner blaster to a snub nose version. What a fast turnaround, in less than a week they had the parts on the way to me. The parts are perfect, with tight infill, they fit without cleanup. This is a fun project but any shortcut to better result is worth the time and these parts have saved me a lot of cutting, filling and sanding. I recommend Treatstock for any 3D printing needs and look forward to using their services again.

Request for answer
As a new user trying the first order, I have 3 questions in step 3 “print option”:

  1. What is the function of “international deliver” option? I found there is no difference in results with that option on or off as shipping from US to Taiwan.
  2. Some manufactures are labeled “pickup, delivery”, some are only labeled “delivery”, what is the difference?
  3. What does delivery “TBC” mean?
    Thank you.


  1. The “international delivery” option adds vendors from other countries, who offer international shipping, to the list. But if there are no vendors in your country, print services with international delivery would be shown automatically. That's the reason you noticed no difference in the search.

  2. These are the methods a company offers to its clients. Pickup means you can come to their office and pick your order yourself. If no pickup mentioned, it means the print service does not offer this option.

  3. TBC means to be counted. To US and Canadian companies we offer our delivery labels. For smaller orders, the delivery costs for shipping with our labels are fixed. But for orders that weigh more than 16oz, we need to calculate the price depending on location, dimensions, weight, etc. Once you'll proceed to the final step, this cost would be estimated and displayed to you.

We are also always available to help you in private messages or via email at [email protected]. Let us know if you need anything else!)

Really fantastic service! Very easy to find what you want and simple to use - no problems here!

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Great experience using Treatstock. I've had several things printed from different makers. All have been of excellent quality. The makers have also been in contact whenever they had any kind of question.

Excellent experience - my item was made my Thingiverse via Treatstock, and though there was a minor hiccup (they ran short of materials and my item was delayed a couple of days - no big deal on this project), the communication was fantastic, and the item arrived exactly as anticipated.

The printing was very good, and the transaction smooth - I'll return!

Very good experience with Treatstock.

Excellent communication with the chosen seller and very satisfied with the parts received.

Very good price, fast delivery.

Treatstock was the only one that was able to print what I wanted, so that's nice.

I ordered at one place, but apparently they had the wrong print material setup and they cancelled my order? Had to go with another option delaying my print a bit.

In the end got my print and was well build (only a little stringing on some places). Nice app works well :)

Only problem I have with this app is when potential printers try and communicate with the buyer, there is no easy way to get to the messages.

Please improve this functionality.

I tried to get something printed with a few other vendors....Treatstock was the only one to successfully print, have the PLA specific to what I wanted, and were 'over the top' in communicating with me about the whole process.

I’ve had a few prints and have never been happier with the work I’m just starting out printing now and am amazed on the talented people here

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Awesome. super easy to order. Printed and shipped to me fast.

Great quality, fast service. Reasonable price. Exactly what I was looking for - would order again! :)

Lot of thanks for your prompt service, all 5***** for you.

recommends to all,



All I wanted to do was repair a broken lamp. The Master of the Universe (Google) found me no replacement parts, but did lead me to Thingiverse, where somebody had actually designed and 3D printed a replacement part for HIS broken lamp - and put the files up for free for anybody else to use! Now I don't own a 3D printer, but there was also this marvelous little button to the side that said "Print now". So I clicked through, found Treatstock, which led me to Deutch Industries in Slidell, LA, who could 3D print them for me for a reasonable price. (I'm a sucker for a small LA company, since I was born and raised there.) The print was marvelous! Since there were 2 pieces with different sized holes, it turned out we could fix my husband's broken lamp as well! Win, win, win, all the way around. Thanks, Thingiverse!

The resulting 3D print I received exceeded my expectation by far . Great Job !

Great quality at reasonable price with fast turnaround. Thanks!

So simple! Using this platform, I was able to compare various manufacturers from all over the county and compare their prices next the resources that are available to me locally. I chose the lowest bid for my project and couldn't be happier. I'm so glad I found this service, as I couldn't justify the purchase of even a DIY 3D printing kit for my anticipated manufacturing needs.

I found the treatstock app simple to understand and easy to use. I got my parts printed exactly how I wanted and at a low cost.

My first time ordering could not be more happy with the service and my order 10 out of 10 all round will be using this service again.

This was my first time to order a custom part from Treatstock, Very fast service and the quility of the part was 100%, very very happy.
A realy nice job lads. Cheers.

Alles bestens, saubere Verarbeitung und super schnelle Lieferung !!!

Great products. It's amazing what can be created for pegboard tool holding items. Great fit into the pegboard and very good quality. I'm in the process of ordering more for my pegboard. Thanks.

Very good service, will order again.

Vraiment très pratique de pouvoir faire imprimer en 3D par votre intermédiaire. Je recommanderai....

Nice. Very Nice. I will be ordering more items for my pegboard. Thanks!

Excellent service. I will use this again.

great. printed quickly, shipped quickly, received quickly. Pleased with results. Wish i had discovered this before

great print job. was delayed while under review for technical issue, then printed and delivered. Very happy with experience

Excellent service, quick and efficient with good communication. Thank you.

Einen Tag nach Bestellung hergestellt und versandt. Hervorragende Arbeit von Thie & Söhne GbR | Germany

Excellent first time experience. Order shipped out day after placing and the quality at Hudson Creative Group was excellent!

Thank you for your positive comments! For anyone who wants to order with Hudson Creative Group too, they can be found here:

I placed my first order with teatstock and was pleased with the price and fast shipping. This was the first item I had printed and used an STL file from a friend. Overall pleased.

Part is exactly what I needed for my new rc buggy to cover the hole in the chassis. Thanks!!

I’m extremely pleased with my results. Great quality and very fast turnaround. I’ll definitely reorder from Treatstock in the future.

Good quality part! Fast shipping!! A+++ transaction!!

App needs work. Account was created by Thingiverse but somehow I have two accounts and now things are very confusing.

Hi Fred,

Sorry for confusing you! We have our own platform, where all companies are based and where we have our inner workflow of orders. Therefore, we needed to create an empty profile for you just so the order could go through.

Ordering process was quick and easy. A bit confusing to navigate afterwards though. Would use this app again. :)

Great work. The part was very quick, well made, and fit just right. A+ experience.

Big thank you to Milknasty for the speedy service and perfect printing! These parts exceeded my expectations!

Thank you for your positive comments! For anyone who wants to order with MilkNasty Designs too, they can be found here:

My first time using thingverse, great experience, great service, thanks!

Perfect and fast delivery of the requested item.

Am I missing something? No way to choose resolution or infill...

Unfortunately, right now we don't have such options, so the default numbers are used. However, you can agree on certain settings with the vendor to get what you need. You can include preferable resolution/infill to the comment section, and the print service would reach out to you if needed.

How do I add more than one item from thingiverse to the same order? I'd rather not pay for shipping twice.

If the file you would like to add isn't included to the Thing files, there won't be a way to add it. But you can either re-upload all the models into one Thing (you can save it unpublished) or visit our site and proceed there.

Canceled my order with no reason given.

Hi Dan,

We are sorry for confusing you! We messaged you via the e-mail you provided for the order before canceling it. Unfortunately, the vendor you have selected, couldn't accept it due to not being able to produce the prints quick enough. We can help you resubmitting an order with a better vendor, whom we know to be opened in the current time if you'd like to.

Fantastic service to go from concept to printed part in a matter of days without having to consume bench space with my own printer.

My first order on treatstock was a great experience. I receive my printed part in almost no time and the quality is astonishing. I ordered a replacement part for my own 3D printer, new part made of nylon, and this part is still in function and working nicely.

Thanks Treatstock !

Easy to order and item arrived in reasonable time. It looks the model was sized correctly and the print for the Garmin watch holder fitted perfectly. Excellent print quality and build

The payment was easy and the shipping was fine. The item does not fit my Anet A8 power supply so I either ordered it wrong or the item is not sized correctly. I'm out $14 and still no cover.

We are very sorry about this issue! It seems that it was designed for Anet 6, so we couldn't really do much at this point. But we'll try to help you get a proper print for your machine if needed, please, check DMs, we would be happy to assist.

Leider bin Ich nicht zufrieden , die Teile sind nicht zu gebrauchen, ein Teil ist schon bei der Montage zerbrochen. Teileweise sehr unsauber gedruckt. Note 4-5:

I'm very pleased with the Tesla Model 3 Center Console Tray produced by Treatstock. The ordering process and shipping was great! I was considering flocking the item but it is nice as it is. My experience with Treatstock was A++++. I look forward to other Model 3 items.

Very good service. Item received was nice and a great fit for Model 3

Contacted me to ensure I was happy with the result as it was a model made with wood at a small scale which can come out a little rough. It was perfect for my application so I asked them to go ahead and send it, but they were willing to reprint it for me. Awesome experience A+++

Great service. Good communication. Very happy with the way items turned out.

Amazing service, I'm sure I'll be able to use it even more in the future, but only recently ordered something for the very first time and was very pleased with the proces and result.

This is an excellent service. Very easy to navigate, options to choose your supplier, material, etc. Turn around time was well within expectations, and the product was delivered in perfect working condition. Exactly as advertised. I would recommend and use this service again in the future.

I had a set of belt tensors printed. I was very happy with Kasza Printing service and the whole Treatstock order process. The order process was painless. This was my first order so I was a little apprehensive... But submitted my order and a few days quality parts showed up in my mail box.

The whole process from "Order This Printed" to assembling the finished item was painless and even reassuring. A fabricator was automatically selected - I was lucky enough to have one very close by - and once I paid the very reasonable fees, a link to a dashboard where I could monitor progress was send to me.

The progress dashboard showed each step of the way, and high quality photos of the prints were provided for approval. Once approved, I had the finished prints in my hand within 3 working days. The quality of the prints was excellent - high layer and step resolution and good layer adhesion.

All in all a very positive experience and one I would have no apprehension in repeating.

It came fast and works great!

Auch das 2. Teil von Mike Schürmann passt perfekt und wurde super schnell geliefert !

Für den Preis gute Qualität und Passgenauigkeit, sehr schnelle Lieferung

I am very happy with everything, highly recommended!

The build quality is great, and the shipping time is really quick. I'm very happy with the work that was done. If you need something 3D printed, Treatstock is the way to go. They did for me what Hasbro (Nerf) could not do.

Great job by Walters World!!

Mikknasty did a great job. Pieces were perfect, very good price and quick shipping. I'll be coming back for more.

Awesome service: fast delivery and great quality parts! The fitment was perfect. I will definately use them again!

Great job and fast service - will use again!

Great job and fast service - will use again!

excellent product, quick delivery

We're sorry to hear that you're not happy with the results of your order. We've sent you a DM to try and resolve the situation. Thank you.

Was given an estimate of 10 calendar days, it arrived in 2. I'd love to give the printer a positive review, but I can't figure out how to do so.

Thank you for the feedback! We see that you figured it out :-)

I did! Thanks for providing a great service to get prints done quickly through (somewhat) local printers.

Print looks good. Ordered on 10th and delivered on 16th.

Slow delivery. Took 13 days to deliver to the same state. Communication with treatstock slow too. Took them 3 days just to answer an email. Printer was great though . He did an awesome job and communicated well.

Good prices and a solid product.

Printed, shipped, and delivered super fast. The print looks very good too. Thank!!!

Fast shipping and turnaround, thank you!

Fast turnaround time and very satisfied with printing. Thanks!!!

Happy to have chosen Treatstock! Quick delivery at reasonable rates. Wouldn't hesitate to use their service again.

Fast shipping and excellent quality. Will use them again.

The product came out great at a good price. Will definitely use this service again on my next project.

Thank you

Fast delivery with good communications and a well-printed part. Five stars.

Great job and fast service will use again

Very efficient and fast service. My only complaint is that I thought I had selected colors for the pieces but it didn't have different colors. I guess that can be my mistake. I'm pleased by this experience.

The Prints arrived well packaged and quickly. The communication was great....
But the Print quality was STAGGERING!!!!
MUCH better than Shapeways, for less than 1/3 the cost! If you're on the fence - DO IT. You won't be disappointed!

Amazing service!! The print provided was exactly as I needed and it was sent out very swiftly. I would use this service again in a heartbeat. Thank you.

i think you can find the solution to install this app at

Mixed results:

  • Print vendor was fast accurate and communicative
  • Integration between thingiverse and treatstock has significant issues. I was only able to view my order status on windows 10 with microsoft edge browser, all other browsers would not display my orders. I worked with support but so far there were no solutions given.

Quick print and fast mailing. Satisfied with job

Good concept and proper execution. A stone groove my man.

What a great concept. I didn't research enough before I broke apart my cr-10 for an upgrade to an e3d v6. I realized too late that I needed to print some attachments for the v6 to mount it. Too late. I half destroyed my oem hotend looking to see what makes it tick. luckily Catz Design Farm was available to save me from myself. They're just down the road from me and printed my part and got it to me in 3.5 days. Great service and a great print job. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Hi Orin, thank you for your positive comments! For anyone who wants to order with Catz Design Farm, they can be found here:

I've been searching for a replacement drive pully for my 30 year old AEG HBSE-75 belt sander. AEG doesn't make them anymore and I can't get parts in the US. Festool now sells a suspiciously similar version of a belt sander as Festool BS-75. I found a CAD file by Hitrijs on The process could not have been easier! So grateful to find this resource. Website is very easy to navigate and I was able to place an order start to finish within minutes. Basically: Find the file, place and order, send to the printer, printer mails object, install object upon receipt, all is good! Images attached of the failed original part (black plastic), the printed version (red plastic), final install. Perfecto!!

Many thanks to Hitrijs

Thanks for the feedback! The print shop that produced your order is called Walter's World and they can be found here:

Amazing work! Will definitely be using this service in the future!

Treatstock was great to work with, my parts were printed and shipped very quickly. I even got extra parts! Very nice to work with. I wish all things could be printed through them.


I made a mistake with an order and received a response from Treatstock so blunt it was outright rude. I would never use them again.

A great job done very quickly. It turned out beautifully as you can see. Thanks for the spare as well.

Quick and reliable service, many thanks!

Thought I would just add some handles to a v-slot project I am building and they were printed quickly and are perfect fit - thanks

I got my order within a few days, and the part fit in my Ikea chair

amazing communication great speed found solutions to my problems with my order and was just a absolute pleasure to deal with the printer chosen i have some issues with but everything else was perfect 10/10 would recommend to anyone needing something printed

Quick, perfect, and communicated quickly on my inquiries. Didn't know 3d printing could be so easy. Love living in the future!

came out great. will definitely use again.

Order was printed by Paddes3D in good quality. I will use the service again.

Trying to access from Spain, always the same message at the address tab: "There was a problem with your request"

Hi Juan,

It seems there is a problem with the dialog to select a shipping address on Thingiverse (the problem is not just with our app) and we have contacted them to try and fix this issue ASAP. In the meantime, we have created a link in Step 2 of our app which allows users to place the order directly on

Hey this app is not working on my PC. I'm using windows lite. It's genuine window. Please tell me the solution. It gives me the problem that you cannot run this app on windows 7 lite

Hi Elia,

Our app should be compatible with all Operating Systems so the issue may be with Thingiverse. Please contact Thingiverse support for help with this.

Would be better if you stated the currency being used. Not everyone lives in the United States. If you select your from Australia, it should show Australian Dollars.

Ordering was easy, communication was great, printing was fast, and the item was better than expected. I look forward to printing with them in the future.

[Doctor Boo's Astounding 3D Printing Press]
Excellent job, neat and fast. Very happy.

[Doctor Boo's Astounding 3D Printing Press]
Exceptional Print Job. Great communication. Seriously went over and above on making the pieces smooth and fit perfectly. Shipping was fast and secure.

good print complaints

Great Job. Product came out fantastic. Will be ordering more from you!!

Laughing Monkey Labs did an awesome job on my proton pack power cell. Highly recommend. Will definitely be using them again.

Thanks, David! Here is the link to Laughing Monkey Labs for anyone interested in placing an order with them:

Comment has been deleted

Excellent service!! Problem with the design and they had the foresight to fix it on their own. Prices were great and shipping was fast and secure. Great communication, would definitely use again.

Hi Matthew, thanks for the comment! The 3D print shop that made your order was Catz Design Farm and they can be found here:

Great experience and well done part. There was a problem with the gap and they[Kasza Printing] fixed it directly and made it. Works perfectly

This company does an amazing job. the products are just above and beyond on quality. I will for sure be placing a large order with them soon

Fast and accurate.

excellent quality, and was printed & shipped promptly. Arrived definitely before I was expecting it to. Would recommend to anyone looking to print things.

5 stars, came out excellent, quick delivery, and even suggested a change of material due to past experience! WOW

My print came out as expected, I would have no hesitations recommending.

I had 2 very different experiences from 2 different printers. One printed some spikes for me. I had said in the comments that I was using them with lights, so to use either transparent or white, depending on which would let light through, and the good people at Line Upon Line 3D sent me one of each!
I also ordered a flexible plastic enclosure from Ed's printing. They sent it to me in hard plastic, so the lid won't fit into the bottom. Hopefully they approve my refund, and hopefully this 2nd order for a flexible enclosure goes better. Too bad this puts me a week later to finish this project.

First, we would like to thank you for choosing Treatstock for your 3D printing needs. Second thing is that we're sorry to hear about your experience and are working to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. If you check your inbox we have written directly to you in hopes to resolve the issue. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you for your reply. So far, the only thing I have gotten in my inbox was a message that my refund was denied, and another message saying I would only be refunded about 2 bucks. I ordered a specific product, did not get what I ordered (or even anything that will work). A full refund is well within my reasonable expectations.

I used Humanisticnick's Printing Service. This service had great customer service, fast shipping, and quality products! I know where it will go to get my products printed from now on!

Quick delivery, fine result.

Quick delivery, faster than expected.
I wrote in the notes about mirrored printing of one part. To change the related file myself would have been some effort. I would need to first install the appropiate SW, etc.
It worked! Thanks a lot. I am very pleased.

I used Ed's Printing service within Treatstock and must say that I am very impressed with quality of print, time for delivery, and ease of use. Ed's printing service even included a note with recommendations on the printed parts. Awesome service. Thanks again

Excellent print and worked with an extremely harsh cryogenic environment. Exceeded expectations. Would use them again definitely.
The print itself was of very good quality and finish too.

I ordered one of these (it's an adjustable mount for a Geeetech 3Dtouch sensor for my i3 Aluminium)

It came promptly, within a couple of days, was printed to a beautiful standard (in the UK) and was well packed in a jiffy envelope.

If I can get my printing close to that standard I'm going to be very happy :-)

geeetech 3d touch auto leveling sensor adjustable mount

Received very quickly. Top quality printing. Delighted with service and item.

Received order much faster than expected. Extremely happy with item. Received 2 while I thought I only ordered 1. Will use this service again. Highly recommend.

Received product much quicker than expected. Ordered 1 item and received 4; bonus! Fitment could have been a little better; ordered water bottle top and when bottled is turned upside down and top is on tight, there is slight leakage. Not a big deal. Works better than original broken top.

Everything was great. Only issue is I thought transparent was clear. Had I known it was more like a frost color, I would have ordered black. My bad though.

Perfect. Got what I wanted fast and fit well.

Awesome print. Very impressive!

Everything perfect, thank you!

Very clean and flawless printing of the items i ordered. The shipping was extremely fast aswell.

The clips I ordered were perfectly made and worked exactly as expected. Geat job.

Worked very well, found a great printer and the item came back as designed.