3D Print with Print a Thing

Developed by print_a_thing_team

Print through a distributed network of 3D printing enthusiasts from across the US, at a fraction of the cost of the competitors. We want to change the world for the better through technology, and we see democratized 3D printing as one way to do it. When anyone can make completely unique physical objects at a reasonable price, without having the money or technical skills to own and operate a 3D printer of their own, a whole new creative energy will be released throughout the world. We built Print a Thing in the hopes that it would be a positive force for startups, do-it-yourselfers and creative spirits everywhere.

Platform: Thing

Requires at least one of these types of files: stl

Donkey Self-Racing Car by aconway 4 days ago
Eachine Wizard x220: WS2812 LED Tail light by liquidlogic 4 days ago
ImpulseRC Alien Front Bumper by zigaitis Apr 15, 2017
Raspi_boy by darevix Apr 14, 2017
Node Raspberry Pi Dongle by saifbadri Apr 14, 2017
Fancy Fidget Spinner 2 by TK3DPrinting Apr 13, 2017
Mandalorian Diamond by schak Apr 10, 2017
Nintendo Switch Comfort Handles / Grip (Xbox style) by jgr526 Apr 7, 2017
Fostex TH Pad Mounting Ring (TH-X00, TH900, etc) by ggabriele3 Apr 5, 2017
Shoelace Locks by Pentland_Designs Apr 4, 2017
Boitier Raspberry PI 3 Peter Parker by PrincesseLulu Apr 2, 2017
MOSFET PCB Mount by peaberry Apr 1, 2017
Dice Throne PnP Edition Dials by fractalmfg Mar 31, 2017
Shoulder Buttons for GameBoy Zero by kapakai Mar 28, 2017
KING KONG 90GT PROP AND VTX GUARDS by Dhc8guru Mar 26, 2017
FPV Pod Armattan MRP130 - Runcam Swift by Q2do Mar 26, 2017
HoloLens Spectator View Mount by noen Mar 23, 2017
Nintendo Switch Dongle (Dock mod) by wesalvaro Mar 22, 2017
Tomoquads Tiny Swift BR0703 motor adapter by TomoQuads Mar 21, 2017
DJI Mavic Handle by mrconover Mar 21, 2017
US Coin Sorter V2.0 by Pentland_Designs Mar 20, 2017
Playstation with Raspberry Pi 3 [V1.1] by Retro_Emulation Mar 18, 2017
Remix of adafruit's bearing and motor mount for 900mm rails by Pandariot779 Mar 16, 2017
Pencil Box by jwhatcott Mar 14, 2017