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Print through a distributed network of 3D printing enthusiasts from across the US and Canada, at a fraction of the cost of the competitors. We want to change the world for the better through technology, and we see democratized 3D printing as one way to do it. When anyone can make completely unique physical objects at a reasonable price, without having the money or technical skills to own and operate a 3D printer of their own, a whole new creative energy will be released throughout the world. We built Print a Thing in the hopes that it would be a positive force for startups, do-it-yourselfers and creative spirits everywhere.

Platform: Thing

Requires at least one of these types of files: stl

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Hi, Not sure how this works, I don't see any directions on submitting my order

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I was getting errors trying to place an order based on the file I wanted to print. So I used the netfab service. Now I have a new file. Do I have to upload it to have the option to order? I’m cautious about doing this because I don’t want to upload someone else’s file without their permission.
This is the original:
Attached is the “fixed” file from netfab.

Funnel-type doserless mod for Mazzer Super Jolly (Luigi) coffee grinder
by baneat

You can upload the file directly to print a thing and have it printed.

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Great service, easy, super-fast and the printer used seems to be well dialed-in. I had upgraded my printer with a bunch of printed parts, and must have made the mistake of printing a part in PLA that should have been ABS, because it got all warpy when I printed at a high temp with the bed dialed up and the enclosure on. It would've been a big hassle to back out the upgrades far enough to be able to print my way back into service, so I turned to Print a Thing. Great call, will use them again given half a chance.

I would like a printed "Magnifying Lamp Broken clamp replacement by MakeALot" but I have no clue how to go about ordering one. It was published on November 19, 2013. The web address is: Can you do this and how much would it cost.

Hello, I have a solution for you, but you must have a Microsoft computer to do it. Download Microsoft Print 3D and import your design by downloading it, then press a button that says print. You might get an option that says something like let us print it. From there, do that and do the rest. Glad to help

I would like to print something that is not of my own creation, I just need help on how to buy it and get a estimate. Thank you.

For that, I recommend either using our app on thingiverse if you see the "print this thing" button or downloading the stl files and uploading it to Good luck!

Thank you for this. I got mine printed and have gotten it put together. I worked brilliantly once I got it tuned in.

Dear Community,

We're happy to help you with your concerns. For support, please go to

Have a good day.

Andy Doucette
Founder and CEO of Print a Thing.

Hello, We are an Architectural office looking for someone to print our 3D models that we create in Sketchup using a 3D printer size around 8"x8" and would appreciate your help of how to post that in this website

Thank you

Hi Diana,

I'll respond directly to you. These messages here are public.

Andy Doucette
Founder and CEO of Print a Thing

I've used my dremel tools and reshaped problem areas or drilled out required holes. The fit isn't perfect, but it looks like it will work. Since I've already assembled the component, a photo would show little of the problem areas. This was the order for the Bowden extruder mount. I'm satisfied that this will work. And if it does, Ill print a new mount myself.. I just want to pass my comment on so you can keep track of your printers. I'm not looking for a refund. I will get by this. Thanks for replying.

Hi David,

Thank you for the feedback. That helps us keep our system working with higher quality. Ratings especially help as well, if you're willing to fill out your rating survey.

You're very welcome.

Andy Doucettee
Founder and CEO of Print a Thing

I recently ordered some parts printed through Print-A-Thing. There were three parts that assembled into one component and all were to be printed in Blue ABS. Well, my three parts arrived. Two pieces look freshly printed and retained good detail. The third piece looked faded blue and looked like someone had pulled it out of their junk bin. In my opinion, the third piece was a bad print. I ordered it printed instead of doing it my self because I was having problems with my old extruder and I needed the new part to mount my new extruder. Each of the two smaller pieces could probably be printed in 30 minutes to an hour, while the final large piece would have taken a number of hours to print. It seems the person printing was hurried to get the parts in the mail so they just grabbed an old printed part. I am quite disappointed with the quality of this third part.

Hi David,

I'm sorry to hear that one of the three parts didn't seem like good quality. You may qualify for a full refund if the issue is indeed with one of our suppliers. Please email me personally at [myFirstName] with some close-up photos of the parts, and we can start the refund process.

90% of our prints get a 4 or 5 star rating. It sounds like you might have been part of that unlucky 10%.

Andy Doucette
Founder and CEO of Print a Thing, Da